The Blood Drive Ministry is a  parish-wide service project in which parishioners are given the opportunity to donate blood to the parish account.  Parishioners may participate in the quarterly blood drives or they may give blood at the Blood Center.  All parishioners and their families are eligible to access the Parish Blood Center account.  They would need to contact the coordinator of the Blood Drives listed on the parish office for information on making a withdrawal.

Why Donate Blood ?

Simply answered, your donation will save a personís life.  Blood is needed locally on average 580 times a day to save the lives of people suffering from accidents and disease. The need is greater during the summer months.  Your selfless contribution can help a baby survive and go home to grow into adulthood.  Or it can help keep a person alive after an accident so as to once again be with family.

The need is so critical because there is no way to manufacture human blood outside the body and blood has a limited shelf life. That is why your gracious donation of a pint of blood plays such a vital role in the healthcare of our region.  Be a part of this wonderful gift of life and donate or start a Blood Drive Ministry at your Parish.

Top 8 Reasons to Donate Blood

1. The need for blood never takes a vacation. Summer months are particularly difficult on the blood supply. Your 30 minutes to one hour will give someone a lifetime of tomorrows.

2. One in three people will need a lifesaving blood transfusion during their lifetime.

3. Donors receive a mini-physical, which includes checking your blood pressure, heart rate and iron levels.

4. Donors receive juice and cookies before, during and/or after donating.

5. You lose weight! A pint of blood weighs one pound, so take a day off from the gym.

6. Superior customer service, well-trained and courteous staff members and education on the donation process.

7. Blood has a short shelf life. All blood types are always in need.

8. You can save up to three lives with one donation. Please give blood today.

What to Eat

We suggest that you include the following foods in your normal diet* to keep your hemoglobin up: spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, beans (lima beans, soybean sprouts, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, etc.), bran cereal, whole wheat bread, white rice, cocoa, brown sugar, raisins, dried apricots, peaches, nuts (especially black walnuts, almonds and cashews), oysters, clams, scallops, shrimp, wheat germ and wheat, rice or corn flakes, brewer's yeast, prune juice, apple juice, red meats, liver, chicken, Vitamin C (citrus fruits, peppers, potatoes, kiwi, papaya, mango)

Also, avoid drinking excessive amounts of tea due to the caffeine and tannic acid content and carbonated beverages that contain a high content of caffeine.

*Some anemia is related to iron. If you are chronically anemic, please consult a physician.


Volunteers are needed to make each blood drive possible. Several weeks prior to each blood drive, volunteers are needed to post signs in the community. Volunteers are also needed during the blood drive to serve as liaisons with the medical staff to facilitate the blood donation process; responsibilities include greeting, serving complimentary refreshments, and checking the well-being of the donors. Youth Group & Young Adults are welcome!

Contact your parish office to learn more about their Blood Drive Ministry or to start one!

Please Plan to Give Blood. We need YOU!!

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